pics coming soon

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Hey fans! Jus wanna say I’m gonna be bk on this week! Sorry with the lack of updates but I’ve been on 2 courses at college and I have just finished them *wahoo* so expect some updates soon!
Thank u for still visiting this site!

God bless!


Simply Clive site

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One of our links Simply Clive, have a new address and new layout. Have to say im loving there new look.

Check it out here!

hi newbies

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I’ve noticed that this site has a big increase on page views lately. So hi to everyone. Feel free to comment on this site or even send me your clive pictures and I will put them up on the site if you wish.

Look forward to hearing from everyone 🙂


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Looked on wire image and there are some new pics from 5th June of Clive attending the ‘Pedal On The Pier Charity Event Benefiting Inner City Schools.’

Sorry the pics are small but you have to join to view the pics and i think it costs money too.

Ben and Megs song ‘Beyond The Sunset’

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You all remember this song that kept on repeatingly playing on Sunset Beach? Well i have it but i cant see how to put it on here, ive tried everything. So thought id announce that ive got it and if anyone wants the song in mp3 format then email me ( and i will happily email you it.


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More to come…

Added 2 New wallpapers-more coming soon

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